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Divine Feminine Body Mist & Room Spray

Divine Feminine Body Mist & Room Spray


Our Divine Feminine Body Mist & Room Spray will bring a refreshing and invigorating energy to your home or personal space. Infused with rose petals, hibiscus flowers and a divine energy, this spray will leave you feeling balanced and centered. Its light and floral scent will bring a calming and peaceful atmosphere to your environment. Enjoy the healing and uplifting benefits of the Divine Feminine Body Mist & Room Spray today.



    Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, Rose Fragrance, Raspberry Fragrance, Hibiscus Tea Fragrance, Hibiscus Flowers, Rose petals.

    Our products are infused with Reiki healing energy.

    • Can be used as a perfume. Inhale the scent to help you feel connected to the Divine Feminine energy that is within
    • Can be used as an air freshener
    • Can be applied during your meditation practice
    • Can be used for aromatherapy
    • Can be used as a linen spray
    • Can be used during your meditation and spiritual practice
    • Infused with Hibiscus flowers and Rose petals
    • Affirmation: "I am the embodiment of the Divine Feminine energy and I allow my inner light to shine"




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